Tuesday, June 1, 2010


warning:  this will be a very random post

1.  spent the weekend in good ol indy.  the boys cried were very distraught when we left.  lucky for them they get to go back tomorrow night.

2.  joe and mary got our their slip n slide sunday night.  charlie wanted to do the slip and slide so bad but would chicken out everytime he got close to the slide. 

4.  i blew a hole in my tire on sunday and had to buy a new tire in indy.  that was a bummer!!

5.  we bought eggs from 2 amish boys in thayer on our way to indy.  they were so cheap i felt like i was stealing.  i'm totally mesmerized with their way of life.  so simple, so pure

6. the ride home was a rough one.  we had an episode in the car where i told charlie he would be punished.  i looked at jay and asked what should his punishment be.  charlie said, 'i know, just go ahead and take away my DS.'  we were all laughing so hard. 

7.  mac's baseball team won their league championship.  too bad they didn't get a trophy or t-shirt or anything like that. 

8.  mac's last day of school was friday.  he graduated to 5th grade.  so very proud of him.

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