Friday, December 2, 2011

thanksgiving 2011

we headed to arkansas to spend thanksgiving with jay’s mom and step dad.  i love going to arkansas…when i’m there i completely and totally relaxed.  i don’t worry about meal prep, cleaning, laundry and even the weight of trivial worries like work seem to fade away.  it’s kind of like heaven on earth.

it’s a long drive for us, well long drive with 2 boys, 1 who doesn’t like to sit still for extended periods of time.

we got a little entertainment for the road.


on our way down we stopped in fayetteville.  we have stopped before but we spent just a little more time than we have in the past.  their football stadium is incredible.  it’s fun to root for them and i kind of feel like we have a connection since we have family there. 

175-1168  171  174

the arkansas razorbacks lost a young football player on the sunday before our visit.  yet again a reminder that life is fragile. 


lunch. (hammontrees)  one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches….ever


and after eating a little shopping at the bookstore to get some new Arkansas gear.

once we made it to clarksville we settled in for a long weekend.  we spent time by camp fires


played gamesnana b&W

223-1 210-1

did chores


drank lots and lots of coffee :)


watched lots of football…are you shocked?


ate great food (note:  healthy green beans is kind of a joke.  these suckers were loaded with butter and bacon and probably bacon grease :)) i didn’t even get pictures of the desserts

thanksgiving table

and finally…spending time counting our blessings.