Sunday, June 23, 2013

Strawberry Pickin

For years, I have wanted to take the boys strawberry pickin and each time I brought up the idea it was met with little enthusiasm.  On the first day of summer break, I didn’t ask, I told the crew to load up the car and we were heading out to the country.  :)

Needless to say the boys had a BLAST and we are planning on going back to pick blackberries in late June or July when they are ready.  I’m already dreaming about the blackberry cobbler we’ll be making with those. 

We went to Gieringer’s Orchard and it was such a great place.  It didn’t feel commercialized but like a real farm (because it is :)).

By the way, the berries were fantastic!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

round here

So since this ol blog hasn’t been updated since Spring Break there is quite a bit of updating to do.

1.  Yeah…this guy turned 8.  He requested frosted brownies for his birthday treat.



2.  School is out for Summer.  For this momma, I think the start of summer is harder than the start of the school year.  It’s just another sign that time is moving too fast and these boys of mine are growing fast.  It’s rare for Mac to show so much emotion, but this is pure joy that summer has started…or he’s telling me to quit taking pictures.  :)


2.  Baseball…hello Baseball.  As a fan baseball is my least favorite sport, but as a Mom it’s my favorite.  Love love love watching these two.  The best is when it is beautiful outside.  Very few things in life better than your kids ballgame (imho)



3.  Addicted…to ice coffee. Can’t get enough.  Trying my own home brew, using Pioneer Woman’s recipe but in love with Starbucks of course.  At least its cheaper than my usual froo froo drink.

4.  For Sale…our house.  We have literally been talking for years about selling our house and heading for the country and we are actually trying to make it happen.  While I feel good that we have made it this far, now that it is on the market, can you say “hello stress”   I need to imprint some great quotes I’ve seen about worry and stress…and how lame it is (basically)  i would plaster them on my walls but maybe not the best thing while we’re showing the house.


5.  Nana and Grandpa Camp 2013 is this week and let’s just say I’m missing my boys.  While a break is always nice, I can’t wait to get them back this weekend.