Saturday, September 17, 2011

lady’s man

this story cracks me up

jay and mac are at sportsclips getting their hair cut.  they get to chatting with the stylist and we have a connection in that her niece is in mac’s grade and she has a daughter who is in charlie’s class.  she proceeds to tell jay that the other night she was giving her daughter a bath and while her daughter was playing she mentioned she was making dinner for her husband.  her mom asked, who’s your husband.  “Charlie’ she said. 

so we are concluding that she was speaking about our charlie of course.  really who could resist?


Thursday, September 15, 2011

‘round here

so we are now down with 3 weeks of school.  we have settled into a pretty good routine.  i don’t really feel like there is much to say.  i downloaded my sd cards so i’ll let the pictures provide the updates.

charlie is playing soccer again this fall.  changes this year include a larger field and goalies.  charlie’s team is green and black which he likes and they chose bulldogs as their mascot.  i am loving this year of soccer so far.  charlie is aggressive and fast…it just feels like your really watching a game vs an itty bitty sport.


006 007 030 the boys have been playing a lot of football.  mac has mentioned playing next year which to be honest makes me nervous.  i suppose i will cross the bridge when a final decision needs to be made.


fall is coming.  my mums are getting ready to bloom.  all i want are big bowls of soup and warm, crusty buttery bread.

076 075

ku home opener.  man i love lawrence, i love being on the hill on game day.

085  090 082 084

Sunday, September 11, 2011


10 years ago it was a beautiful tuesday morning.  i mean beautiful...the perfect fall day, not a cloud in the sky

i had dropped mac off at daycare.  i'm sure i was running late, perhaps thinking about plans for mac's 2nd birthday, coming up in just a couple weeks.

i remember being on I 435 and hearing teresa from 93.3 report that it appeared a small plane had hit a tower at the WTC.  (i don't even think i knew what the WTC was at that time)

after that the details get vague for me.  what started out as a beautiful day turned into a nightmare.  i do remember calling my mom asking her to pick up mac from daycare.  i didn't want him there if  something  happened to us.  i remember huddling in various coworkers cubes throughout the day trying to get as much information as possible as to what was going on.  i remember being engrossed in the media coverage once we finally got home. i remember holding mac and feeling like i could never let him go. i remember thinking how could this in the US.

today 10 years later i honestly am still saying how could this happen?  the magnitude of the brain just can't grasp it.  the thousands of people who lost their lives.  it's too much for me to fully grasp. 

i will never forget.  may peace encompass those who personally suffered the loss of loved ones on 9/11 as well as those men and women who are still fighting today to keep us safe.

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