Tuesday, June 22, 2010

night at the K

before beginning this post, it's important to note that i have boycotted the royals.  i'm unwilling to support an owner that continues to put a bad product on the market.  that being said my place of employment was giving away free tickets and knowing that my boys love baseball  and are impartial to the royals, i decided to bite the bullet and take the to the game.  i thought this would be a family adventure, but jay was out of town for work so wasn't able to join us.

that afternoon we had a downpour, so the first thing charlie asked when i picked him up is if the game was cancelled.   i wish i could have captured his face when i said no, the game was still on.

we opted to hit the mcdonald's drive through on our way to the ball park.  this is important to note because mac opted to try a big mac and loved it.  mac has always been picky picky picky so the fact that he would have a hamburger that had lettuce and thousand island dressing was pretty big.  picture to document the event. 

the game was fun.  the boys were so good and the royals actually won.  sluggerr came to our row, i don't think i've ever  been that close to him and charlie didn't really like being that close. 

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