Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last Day

disclaimer:  i have had this post written for two weeks but failed to capture ‘official last day of school photos.’  i guess better late than never right… :)

monday (may 21) was the last day of school this year.  Do not get me started on the fact that the kids are out of school a week before memorial day.  honestly, i’m of the belief that there is something wrong with that. 

moving on…

i knew that this last day was going to be a rough one for me.  you see my oldest is leaving elementary school behind and that just can not be possible.  moving on from elementary to middle school feels monumental (i know dramatic), bigger than changing grades.  while i’m melancholy and super excited about the transition for mac, truth be told i’m a little fearful of being a mother to a teenager.  (please pray for me)  middle school will bring new challenges and opportunities, academically, socially and spiritually and i’m so honored that i get to be part of it as his mama.  mac’s teacher (who was AWESOME) wrote each of her students personal notes and as we pulled out of the school parking lot, heading to custard’s last stand to celebrate, mac read the letter out loud.  i had done a pretty good job of holding it together but i bawled like a baby as he read the letter, the ugly cry almost came out.  bottom line, is that it was just yesterday that i sent him off to kindergarten.  it went too fast, and if the first seven years went that fast, how fast will the next 6 go?  (hoping i got my math right :) 

first day


close to the last day



i went to the school assembly, the final send off before summer break officially started.  mac was honored with a presidential award.  in order to qualify for the presidential award, the student needs 2+ or better on all his grade cards starting in 4th grade.  mac finished 6th grade math with 100% ALL 4 quarters…amazing….sad part, mac didn’t realize jay and i were there to see him get his award and of course my camera battery died.

charlie had a great year.  loved loved his teacher.  i’m beyond proud of him, he is so brave and completely owns who he is.  oh, to be that confident and sure of ones self.  he is loving reading and is actually excited about it. 

first day


close to last day


one of the cutest things was how the student body sang to words to the songs in the video.  :)  imagine an elementary student body singing to party rock, call me baby…if that doesn’t make you smile, i’m not sure what will.