Monday, May 24, 2010

no good horrible terrible day

do you have days in which you wish you could just have a do over?  it doesn't happen often but every once in awhile it does and yesterday was definetly one of them. 

i don't know what was up with my children but oh my...did i give you something to eat/drink that messed with your mind?

i have gone to the same church for 8 years and I was very confident that mass was at no...mass is at 10

i just woke up in a funk and it just never seemed to go away.  all day was a struggle and it was just no fun.

here is to positive thinking and praying that the no good horrible day does not come back for awhile.

on a different note, tried this recipe last week...can you say oh my...words do not describe this masterpiece.  if you love peanut butter, this one is to try. 

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