Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sporting KC

saturday was an all out family day.  we headed to the legends in kck and to our fist sporting kc game in the new livestrong stadium.  we started the afternoon off with lunch.  picking restaurants is always a little difficult as there is one member in our family who is picky and very vocal about that.  we landed at backfire bbq and it got a thumbs up from all the Thompson’s.  the decor (harley’s and other bike paraphernalia hanging from the ceiling and walls) and the food were fantastic.  not to mention tv’s all over the place that allowed the boys to check on the baseball scores.



later in the afternoon we headed to the game.  we parked at the race track and took a bus to the stadium. 



we made it to the stadium




it is important to note that this might have been the hottest day in KC.  have you heard about the heat wave?  i have to be honest i was a little nervous as to how we would all hold up.  remarkably everyone had a blast.  next time though, we need to verse ourselves a little better on the actual rules of the game.  that being said we had a great time and are anxious to go back.  hopefully the next game is a little cooler.  011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

the entertainer

still catching up….

a couple of weeks ago, charlie’s music teacher held her ‘spring recital.’  charlie has taken piano and singing lessons for the last  year and a half.  this recital was strictly singing.  the songs were from the 50’s and 60’s and all the kids did a great job, not only in their costuming but also with their performance.  i have to say that i believe my little man did the best (not that i am biased or anything).

his acts:

she was just seventeen

mony mony

i want candy (although i guess that isn’t really a 50’s/60’s tune)

char performance 2

Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 4th

so yes, i’m behind and be prepared for picture overload.

we had a miller reunion at windermere.  ever since i can remember, i’ve heard about windermere from my mom and her sisters.  even as i type this, i’m not sure if its because of church camp or just a place that the family got together when they were young.  my aunt mary ann and uncle brett graciously rented a lodge for all of us.  the boys and i headed to windermere on saturday the 2nd and came back on the fourth.  from the moment we got there we didn’t stop…go karting, mini golf, swimming, tubing, jet skiing, playing with cousins.





Kim, Kathy and Kelly…cousins form colorado055

great mini golf course.  beautiful sunset.  mac got 3 hole and ones and quote of the night from charlie:  ‘that’s another hole in 2’ after every. single. hole.


janie and olivia…all the way from Texas


indoor soccer

a mean game of indoor soccer …


with spectators


059ready for a day at the lake.  I have no idea why i’m wearing pearls to the lake.   062

charlie and i.  these were a lot harder to climb up than they look


mac high dive blog

mac on the high dive071

all of a sudden it started pouring down rain.  the boaters hurried as fast as they could, back to the dock


grandpa at the helm grandpa at the helm.  i opted not to go on that ride.       

hanging with grandpa on the deck

relaxing on the deck with grandpa

the time we had there was short but it was well worth it for all the memories we captured.

Friday, July 1, 2011


The boys were at Nana/Grandpa camp last week. To say it was a great week for all 4 of us, would be an understatement. It was a blessing that Jay and I were able to reconnect (note to self: Date night needs to become mandatory) and my boys are blessed to have my in-laws. They love my boys immeasurably and they absolutely spoil them with love and activites galore during their time with them.

All that being said, Jay and I decided to re-do their bedroom while they were gone, without them knowing. I had kind of been thinking along those lines for a month prior to them leaving. Casually, I had mentioned to the boys about sharing a room and both were agreeable. So, last week, we prepared a new room for them, by painting the walls, purchasing a bunk/futon combo, a new to us Xbox, new bedding and hanging ‘art.’

I wish that I had captured on video and pictures the boys reaction because it was priceless and exactly what I envisioned. Not only the surprise, but the appreciation. Mac just could not believe that we had spent our week doing something for them. Love those boys and so happy we were able to give them a room that they are proud of.

This room was Charlie’s room originally. I wish I had before picutres, but imagine baby boy blue walls (kind of :)). Here it is today.