Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Post without pictures

Here I am sitting in a starbucks. I should be working but I’m locked out of my house, I don’t have an aircard, can't access the wifi so i wrote this post.  good news however is that i got in and out of the DMV within 10 minutes on the last day of the month, thank you very much.

the boys are in Arkansas this week. i met Martha Monday in Joplin. Funny how when I drove it didn’t seem that bad of a drive, not as bad as when I’m the passenger. I diddle dawdled around getting home venturing off to flea markets and antique stores. It was fun. My favorite stop was the first one, which was a flea market in Larimor, mo. It had some interesting stuff, nothing I couldn’t live with out, but still interesting.

This week has been quiet, very very quiet without the boys. I wonder if this is what life will be like when the boys leave home. Jay does his thing, I do mine. Jay and I had big plans to get some projects done. Here it is Wednesday and no progress on projects thus far. Perhaps tonight will be the night. I would love to get our living room painted. Extra bonus would be the entryway but definitely the living room. Good news I guess is we have two more nights.

I’m taking a weeks vacation next week. Can I tell you that I don’t remember the last time I took a whole week off. I’m happy just to be off and we really don’t have plans, which will drive me crazy b/c the boys will ask what are we doing today until I go bonkers. Perhaps I should reference the summer list and build my plan from there.

Do you ever have the sense that you are on the verge of a change, a shift? I do. For the last couple of weeks I’ve felt like I’m teetering… I know the change is Charlie going to kindergarten. For the first time, the boys will be in the same place, same schedule, same start time. Of course we’ll be losing our daycare costs, the first time in 11 years that we won’t be paying for daycare. It will be the first time in 6 years that I won’t be going to presentation everyday. That piece makes me kind of sad. I know it’s a very little change (not emotionally though) but it feels like it’s going to be huge.

I need an intervention. My diet and lack of exercise has gotten almost to the point of out of control. My I pod was stolen last week. Damn punks. They stole it from my car sitting in my driveway….ugghhh…ok, I will admit I was not very smart to leave my car unlocked, but I do not live in the hood. Come on people. Hopefully a good lesson for mac that when he’s a teenager and his friends suggest doing something like that, he’ll be like oh hell no. not that I think mac hangs out with the kind of kids that would think about stealing from someone’s car, you know they just might think of it as a prank. You know what I mean? So the whole point of that was running without my ipod sucks so lacking motivation there and well heck its summer, ice cream becomes one of the staples of the food pyramid in the summer…you know it has its own category. Plus life and work are stressful now…recognizing that these are all excuses.

I should rap this bad boy up. Thanks for reading my ramblings.  With that I’m out. Wish me luck in making progress on our projects.

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