Friday, May 25, 2012


Mac had his DARE graduate at his school on the 15th.  I’m so thankful for programs like this that are in the school, enhancing what we are trying to teach at home. 


DARE started in late January and once a week, they would meet with Officer J from our local police department.  During the sessions, the kids learned facts about drugs and alcohol, what it does your body and mind and different methodologies to deal with peer pressure.


at the end of their class, each student from the 6th grade class was required to write an essay about why DARE was important and what they had learned from the session.  Out of the 80+ essays, 6 were chosen to be read by the writer during the DARE graduation ceremony.  I was a super proud mama when Mac came home from school several weeks ago, excited that his essay had been one of the 6 chosen.

He was not thrilled with us,when we made him practice ‘reading’ his essay, yet  when it was his turn, he did a fantastic job of reading it to the attendees (friends, family, school staff and 4th and 5th graders.)


super proud of you Mac!


charlie turned 7 on Mother’s Day


an interview with charlie

 what is your favorite color

I think it’s red, actually it is red

what is your favorite food

chicken fingers

who is your best friend


what do you want to be when you grow up

an artist


what is your favorite sport?


211                                                                                                                                                                                are you excited school is out?


What is your favorite book?

dr. seuss

where do you want to live when you grow up?


where do you want to go to college?

university of arkansas

what is your favorite thing to do at school?

recess and class parties


Friday, May 11, 2012


I haven’t updated on Dad in a long time.  To be honest, the road for him has been rough since January.  Short story:  In March they found cancer had entered his brain.  The physicians suggested they hit it with radiation.  They did 15 treatments and last week we got the results of the latest Xray.  The radiation had shrunk the tumor and the drs recommended one more extensive shot of radiation at the tumor in hopes of at a minimum of keeping it from growing.  As result, he had a MRI and CAT scan this week and the dr called yesterday with incredible news, that the more extensive diagnostic tools find no evidence of the tumor.  Seriously…Praise the Lord.  They’ll do another MRI in 8 weeks.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012


lots to catch up on this ol blog and to be honest not sure that it will ever happen.

we had a fantastic weekend, that was busy busy.  it only helps that it was nearly 90 degrees giving us a clear indication that summer is just around the corner.

mac started baseball several weeks ago.  so thankful that we haven’t had any injuries (knocking on wood , keeping fingers crossed that holds true through the rest of the season)  i would be lying if i didn’t admit that i’m a nervous nelly when he’s pitching…ugh i do not like that part but man do i love watching him pitch.  in addition to pitching, he plays catcher and short stop.

mac pitch 2

mac pitch mac catching 2

on saturday, he had a home run!  so sad i missed it (i was with charlie at his soccer tournament) but so excited for him.

charlie is wrapping up soccer.  he is on the same team this spring as he was this past fall.  they’ve had a rough season i think maybe only one win, but man they have been so close so many times.  they are playing in the end of the season tournament, where they won one game and tied another.  the tournament will wrap up next saturday and here’s wishing success to the  bulldogs.

charlie intense char goalie char soccer

two weeks from today, school will be out.  in all honesty, that is absolutely insane.