Monday, January 25, 2010


Today was a good day...productive, busy, was a great day.

This morning was great.  I got up before most of the rest of the clan, showered and was pretty much ready for church before the rest of the crew was up. 

Made pancakes and bacon for breakfast.  Sometimes the eating habits of family drive me crazy.  Case  in point, Mac will not eat my homemade syrup.

Got to church on time!!!

Boys opted to eat at home vs going out for lunch.  Must have been an ulterior motive.

Charlie made a list of the things he wanted to do today:  Football, soccer, valentines treats, karate..and we accomplished most of them

did a little crafting.  bless poor jay's heart.  he couldn't stop laughing when i told him i spray painted a branch.  (i'm making a valentine's tree)

tried to make it to yoga but the class was full. instead came home and made enchilidas per Mac's request.

the snow is finally all gone.  it's been a month since we first got snow.

today was a great day.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Oh my Charlie.  You hate water on your hair, on your face.  You have never, ever ever ever liked getting your hair washed.  For the last 4 years you have whined and cried at bath time when it was time to wash your hair.  For the last 2 1/2 years you have asked if it was wash hair night...every ....single ....night

this....this is a miracle.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


you know i should be in bed. today i was up early and made it to the gym (2 days in a row, i don't want to jinx myself, but maybe i'm on a roll) and tomorrow will be an early morning. yet i have an energy, not to do anything productive but to waste my time. i'm still compiling my 2009 year in review video. truth be told, i'm just working on the music piece. i just can't find the perfect piece, maybe i'm trying too hard. i love watching the pictures. i'm amazed again at how much the boys changed in a year. i'm amazed at how our simple life creates such memories. i love it.

the one year anniversary of my miscarriage is coming up. i can't believe it. i've been thinking about it a lot lately. i can't believe it's been a year. today, as i was driving home, i thought about heaven. i believe that when we go to heaven we will see and know those that we love, our friends, family. today, i wondered if i would know the one that would have been my child. i pray that he/she would have known how much i would have loved him/her. i know i was stressed about the what ifs, but i would have loved him/her so much. today there was a box of infant formula on our doorstep. what does that mean? i wish i wasn't always analyzing, i wish my mind would just stop every once and awhile.

i love this idea.

training for my next 1/2 marathon. most likely cara and i will be running the st.louis 1/2 in april. that could explain making the gym 2 days in a row. my goals: finish in less than 2 hours, have fun and have fun.

we're having crazy weather. so much fog what is up with that. at least it's warmed up. i don't deal with below freezing very well.

i haven't picked up my camera too much lately.  missing it.  hope to get some new photos this weekend. 

love these two

Monday, January 18, 2010

This week

It seems that anything that I have has such little signifgance at this point with all the suffering that is taking place in Haiti after the 7.2 magnitude earth quake that hit them last week. It's a sadness that can hit your core, for a group of people who were already lacking in the basic necessities like clean water, food and housing. Thoughts and prayers to the people in Haiti.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I have to be honest, I find that when one of my kids ask for something, my first and immediate reaction is no, probably 80% of the time. I have no idea why that is. So the Monday after Christmas, Mac asked if we could go sledding and I said No. Then I thought about it a few more minutes and said ok.

See I hate cold, we don't have good cold weather gear, and I hate the cold, but in a concious effort to say yes and to live vicariosly, I said ok, let's go. Besides the hot chocolate and marshmallows would be worth the cold.

Let me tell you I had a blast. This was the first time Charlie had ever gone sledding and being the overly cautious Mom, I made him go with me, which suprisingly he was ok with. Once Charlie got brave to go by himself, I was disappointed because I lost my sled. I had so much fun, we went again a couple days later.

Dean and Kenna joined us and on our second trip so did Grandpa. He even sled! Love it!