Saturday, June 7, 2014

A year later

It has been nearly a year since I posted on this blog and wow how a lot has changed in that year.

We Moved!  We sold our house last summer and moved to smallville usa…and we LOVE it.  I think i might be able to say that for the first time I feel like we live in a community.  A community that is made of all the facets of our life, our church, our neighborhood and our schools.  The boys have adjusted amazingly well.  The first week as we settled into school and the routine and the newness of it all was rough, especially for Charlie. After that first week though it was almost too easy.  The boys have made some great new friends and did fantastic in school.  Really we couldn’t ask for any better.

Mac has ‘graduated’ middle school in May, which means…duh duh duh…that’s right my first baby will be a FRESHMAN in high school.  CRAZY!!!  he has surpassed me in height, which really is probably not a major feat because lets be honest, 'i’m short.  However he just keeps growing.  I swear he is eye level with Jay.  341

Charlie is officially heading to third grade after completing a very successful 2nd grade.  So so proud of him and his hard work this year.  He’s still actively playing sports with basketball and baseball on his schedule this past year.  He’s hoping that lacrosse will become a thing in our new community.  His only request for his birthday was you guessed it, lacrosse sticks and a net.  In the fall, he will play tackle foot ball.  I’m not sure how this momma’s overprotective heart feels about that, but we’ll try it out.  In addition, Charlie had his first communion.  Such a special day in his life and for us his parents. 



Now that we are heading into our third week of summer, it feels like we are settling into our summer routine.  The first few week was rocky but it’s turning around and this week i was reminded that oh yes…i love summer, i think you are my favorite season of them all.