Sunday, June 13, 2010

i need a title here

weekend has been spent at a basketball tournament.  it ended up the boys were playing up, which meant they were playing boys that had been in 5th grade and going into 6th grade.  let me tell you it was like david v goliath.  yet, they played hard, proud of them.  (note...we played our last game this afternoon and those boys almost beat the other team...they played so hard, so good.  we were so proud of them all.)

nana came to visit and watch the basketball games

mac and i had a date night on thursday, when we ventured out to find new basketball shoes.  we had a lot of fun and only reiterated that i need to do that more.  spend one on one time with the boys.

this boy loves new shoes...

as we were driving home, this song on the radio that was from my high school/college days.  mac kept asking me to change the station.  i said this is a great song, his reply "maybe in your day it was the bomb, but not so much anymore." (note...after watching the video, i'm feeling very old)

we had lots of rain this weekend and luckily i had a new book.  started and finshed this one.  it was good, not great but good. 

feeling sad that another weekend is yet again winding down.  already looking forward to next weekend. :)

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