Friday, October 19, 2012

friday letters


dear kc hospice house; each month, since july i come back and deliver goodies.  praying that those families and friends with loved ones there, find some comfort by the food delivered.  you are a place that will always be important to me.  your staff, volunteers there are no words for the goodness that is this place. 


dear panera: thank you for filling in when i was running out of time.


dear boys:  so proud of you.  end of first quarter and both of you received excellent grades and great things were said by your teachers. Could.Not.Be. Prouder of either of you.


dear work:  wow .…the next few months could be interesting.  thanks for the excitement.

dear feet:  tomorrow you are running 13.1 miles…please don’t fail me.

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dear fall:  have i said this already…i love you.  your colors are awesome.


dear decaf:  i think i’m getting used to you but wondering how long it will last.

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