Monday, October 15, 2012

round here

school is in full swing and well in fact, today is the first day of the 2nd exactly did that happen?

we've been to one ku game, not sure we'll make antother. regardless we love  our hawks and always have fun in lawrence.

 we have a little football player of our own and i've enjoyed watching him and his team play a little flag football on saturdays.  not a bad way to spend an hour or so

house project are under way.   first step...declutter.  this is a little disgusting, but we did have about 13 years of accumulation in our garage as well as stripped our master bath so we can redo it.  we had no mercy when going through was a very nice feeling to be rid of so much junk.  (i'll spare you and myself a picture of this madness)

this guy turned 13--so who told him that was ok?  was not me.  regardless we had a small family gathering at 5 guys with cookie cake (his favorite) and ice cream at home.  after our family celebration he went to his first lock in.  i will admit, he was not the happiest of guys come saturday morning, but not too bad.

our dryer broke so i had to make a couple trips to the laundromat. oh the memories this brings back

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