Tuesday, October 23, 2012

you are 13

this post is obviously late, since your birthday was 3 weeks ago.  i was hoping to take some great pics of you that i could post but i’m afraid if i keep waiting for that,this post might never happen.

interview with my teenager

 mac fg


what is your favorite song right now?

gangnam style


who is your favorite musical artist?


what do you think of middle school?  what is the best thing of being in middle school/worst thing?

i like it.  the best thing:  freedom (walking in the halls and not having to be in a line) the worst thing:  the classes are harder

this is a bb gun081

who are you best friend/s?

Jason, Brennan, Tyler, Michael, Kendall, Zane, Chase, Drew, Mitch

what is your favorite dinner?

pizza hut big dinner box

always in a hat211

what are your dreams for your 13th year?

ku to win the national basketball championship

what do you think of charlie weis as the ku football coach?

he’s ok, but i think the only reason he is coaching is for his son, so that he can be a head coach.

what’s it like being a big brother?

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