Sunday, December 27, 2009

Recap Christmas 2009

It's hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone for another year. I will admit that I don't do a good job of capturing photos on Christmas. I like to enjoy the day and the people I am with and seriously, how many pictures do you need of people opening gifts. However, for posterity's sake I do want to capture some of the moments.

Christmas Eve my parents came over and we had a few appetizers and dessert. Nothing fancy, however I did make my first attempt at bread pudding and by all accounts I believe it was a success. About a year ago, Jay and I had one of our rare date nights where we ventured to Raglan Road at the Power and Light district, in which I had the best dessert I have ever had...bread pudding. All i can say is
oh my goodness. Smooth, creamy, warmed baked bread with caramel and whip cream...oh my

Anyways I digress, back to Christmas...

We had a White started sleeting Christmas Eve which turned into snow by evening that continued till about noon on Christmas. So lovely...

At 4 am, Charlie came into our room proclaiming that Santa was here. He could hear him eating our cookies as well as the reindeer bells. Love that! We got Charlie back to sleep but we were all up about 6:30 ish, and both boys could hardly wait.

After present opening, viewing and inspecting we made and ate monkey bread.

Spent most of the day in PJs, being lazy, enjoying the new gifts and enjoying each other

Headed to my parents where we concluded the festivities with a dinner and a few more gifts.

Christmas 2009 was pretty darn close to my Norman Rockwell vision.

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