Friday, December 18, 2009


Yes, that's what I'm doing. We're planning on getting up early and heading to Independence by 8 am and what am i doing? Lets just say I'm not exactly packing, but rather creating my 2009 movie (year in review, like a scrapbook on video)and surfing the web, you know important things.

In selecting my pictures for our year in review, i found that i have a strange fetish with taking pictures of my feet. You need proof?




I really don't like feet, but looks like I like to take pictures of them. I'm not a writer, not good with words, so I'm sure this will sound corny, but as i look at these random pictures of my feet, it makes me think of a bigger picture, of where these feet have taken me in the last 36 years. They took me to 6 different states as a child (the number of times we moved growing up), to airplane rides with my Grandpa, Blackberry picking in the hot humid Missouri summer, to a month in Germany as an exchange student, climbing the KU hills to get to class, to meet my groom on my wedding day. They carried the burden of an extreme weight gain with baby Mac, heck I couldn't see my ankles at month 5, they carried me through 2 half marathons this year.

I wonder will these feet will take me next.

On a completely random note, totally listening to "Two is Better Than One" by Boys like Girls with Taylor Swift. Yeah loving that song.

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