Wednesday, November 9, 2011

update: Dad

Dad had his 3 month followup CT scan last week and visit with his Dr. on Monday.  The CT showed great news, nothing new and the original mass continues to shrink. 

Dad is taking Tarceva, which is a daily chemo drug that he takes via a pill. At this point, the Tarceva is a maintenance drug and he will be taking it indefinitely.  Dad has had some issues/side affects with this medicine…severe dry skin, skin breakouts and rashes, tiredness (is that a word?) and decreased appetite.  Yet he seems to be adjusting to the med and the side affects are becoming less and less.

He did have a consult with a surgeon about a month and 1/2 ago.  He strongly recommended not doing any surgery.  Dad is doing so well with his current protocol and the surgery that would be required is somewhat experimental with not enough data to show any value of doing in regards to my Dad’s case.

So, he continues with the same protocol and will have another scan in 3 months. 

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