Thursday, November 10, 2011


a week ago we were at mac’s basketball game.  during the game, charlie and a friend were playing football in the hallway.  during this game of catch, charlie had a run in with the wall…actually the corner of the wall…a wall made of cinder block.

there was lots of blood…um lots.  luckily there were 3 doctors that came to our rescue,  calmed charlie down and advised that we would indeed need stitches.  we hurried to childrens mercy.  charlie got 5 stitches in his forehead.  the staff did an amazing job working with him.

this picture is before.  they put a numbing medication over the area surrounding and on the wound and let that set for 30 minutes.  charlie is not a fan of doctors and even though it was magic thread (wink, wink) we opted to give him the happy juice to help him relax.

charlie stitches

and after


charlie stitches 2

all better and feeling good.

4 days later we headed back to get the stitches removed.  he did phenomenal and no happy medicine required. 

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