Saturday, May 1, 2010

email conversation

this is a an email conversation i had with Jay this week

J:  This was a post from a Cherryvale guy on Facebook. Thought it was pretty funny. :)
“When my boy's get their own house, I'm going to their house, jumping on their furniture, raiding their fridge,gripe because there is nothing to eat, and make a huge mess, then just leave with the toilet either plugged or with a floater in it. Then just laugh all the way home.…#

S:  That’s so right on

J: And, sit in their living room in my underwear and play video games all day.

S: And ask to go out to eat and blockbuster everyday or several times/week

J: And lose/hide their TV remote.

S:  And scream/whine/cry when I can't watch the show I want to watch

This could go on all day. :)

All this to say, I do love this life.  :)

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