Monday, January 25, 2010


Today was a good day...productive, busy, was a great day.

This morning was great.  I got up before most of the rest of the clan, showered and was pretty much ready for church before the rest of the crew was up. 

Made pancakes and bacon for breakfast.  Sometimes the eating habits of family drive me crazy.  Case  in point, Mac will not eat my homemade syrup.

Got to church on time!!!

Boys opted to eat at home vs going out for lunch.  Must have been an ulterior motive.

Charlie made a list of the things he wanted to do today:  Football, soccer, valentines treats, karate..and we accomplished most of them

did a little crafting.  bless poor jay's heart.  he couldn't stop laughing when i told him i spray painted a branch.  (i'm making a valentine's tree)

tried to make it to yoga but the class was full. instead came home and made enchilidas per Mac's request.

the snow is finally all gone.  it's been a month since we first got snow.

today was a great day.

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