Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a day with the animals

Sunday, Chris was playing the final round of the Nationwide Tour event in Omaha. Jay had mentioned going up to watch him play and I decided it would be a great time to finally take the boys to the Omaha Zoo. We woke up before the crack of dawn to start our day. Halfway to Omaha, I honestly thought I might have lost my mind, did I really think this was a good idea? At St. Joseph, MO we stopped for a gas fill up and a convenience store breakfast. Both boys stayed awake for the rest of the drive to Omaha, and let’s just say that I am now a total proponent for the car dvd players. We have one but we reserve it for long drives. Maybe not so much any more.

We make it to Omaha, drop Jay off and head to the zoo. (Of course, we are an hour behind schedule.) Totally ironic that there is a family from our church that is in line at the same time we were. Even though it was a very long morning we had a blast! We saw orangutans, monkeys, snow bear, black bear, polar bears, cheetahs, gorillas, penguins, elephants, rhinos, seals. We rode the sky tram and I admit I’m totally proud of myself that I did it. It’s like a ski lift and I have issues with ski lifts. I was nervous about getting on and off the lift, with managing my bags and a little guy but all was well. We saw almost everything we wanted to see but have built our list for next time.

Let me tell you, come Monday morning, I was exhausted. My whole entire body was tired and felt swollen from the lack of sleep and of course the healthy food that I ate all weekend. Yet while I felts so bad, I also felt good. Even though it wasn't easy, we did it. Most importantly we created a memory...

Of course some pics of our day…

This picture was taken as we were leaving the zoo. We were all pooped.

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