Saturday, June 20, 2009


So I've been in a rut lately. I hate when I am in a rut. I know without a shadow of a doubt the blessings I have, yet when I'm in my ruts, I feel like it's discounting my appreciation for those blessings. It's like saying "Thanks God, but it would be really nice if...." and you know, complete the sentence.

It's interesting how God works though, because every time I feel in this rut, I am amazed how there are words of inspiration, whether they come form scripture, a blog , quote etc that help me focus. This week I came across the following post from MckMama and man it hit home, hit like a ton of breaks. Key word i focusing on my blessings, on the positive or am I choosing to focus on those things/situations/etc. that only bring me down.

Praying for the wisdom and the fortitude to FOCUS on the wonderful, wonderful blessings that God has given me. To challenge my mind to FOCUS on the positive and eliminate the negative.


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