Friday, July 1, 2011


The boys were at Nana/Grandpa camp last week. To say it was a great week for all 4 of us, would be an understatement. It was a blessing that Jay and I were able to reconnect (note to self: Date night needs to become mandatory) and my boys are blessed to have my in-laws. They love my boys immeasurably and they absolutely spoil them with love and activites galore during their time with them.

All that being said, Jay and I decided to re-do their bedroom while they were gone, without them knowing. I had kind of been thinking along those lines for a month prior to them leaving. Casually, I had mentioned to the boys about sharing a room and both were agreeable. So, last week, we prepared a new room for them, by painting the walls, purchasing a bunk/futon combo, a new to us Xbox, new bedding and hanging ‘art.’

I wish that I had captured on video and pictures the boys reaction because it was priceless and exactly what I envisioned. Not only the surprise, but the appreciation. Mac just could not believe that we had spent our week doing something for them. Love those boys and so happy we were able to give them a room that they are proud of.

This room was Charlie’s room originally. I wish I had before picutres, but imagine baby boy blue walls (kind of :)). Here it is today.






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  1. very fun! Glad to hear you had such a great week! hope to see you soon!