Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sporting KC

saturday was an all out family day.  we headed to the legends in kck and to our fist sporting kc game in the new livestrong stadium.  we started the afternoon off with lunch.  picking restaurants is always a little difficult as there is one member in our family who is picky and very vocal about that.  we landed at backfire bbq and it got a thumbs up from all the Thompson’s.  the decor (harley’s and other bike paraphernalia hanging from the ceiling and walls) and the food were fantastic.  not to mention tv’s all over the place that allowed the boys to check on the baseball scores.



later in the afternoon we headed to the game.  we parked at the race track and took a bus to the stadium. 



we made it to the stadium




it is important to note that this might have been the hottest day in KC.  have you heard about the heat wave?  i have to be honest i was a little nervous as to how we would all hold up.  remarkably everyone had a blast.  next time though, we need to verse ourselves a little better on the actual rules of the game.  that being said we had a great time and are anxious to go back.  hopefully the next game is a little cooler.  011

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