Monday, March 7, 2011

cancer sucks

My dad has cancer. I have known for a month and ½. I’ve debated for awhile whether I should blog this or not, but this is my life. Life is not only full of immense beauty it’s full of pain and this blog should represent the good and the bad because that is my story, that is life.

I don’t intend to always speak of cancer and what my dad is going through, but I have to be honest. My life feels as though it’s consumed with cancer. The last prayer at night is for my dad and my first thought is about my dad.

I hate that I’m not a writer. My writing will never adequately address the thoughts in my head or in my heart and it’s even more difficult when they both feel like a big jumbled mess.

In the month and 1/ 2 that I’ve known about his cancer, this is what I’ve learned:

My dad is fighter

It’s difficult to tell people bad news


Waiting is difficult

Seeing someone you love suffer is at times unbearable

Prayer has become simple. Dear God, please help him.

I wish I would have started asking for my dad’s stories before now

Even in his suffering, my dad continues to think of others first

Cancer sucks (ok, already knew that…just saying)

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