Sunday, August 8, 2010

summer is on its way out the door

so we are quickly seeing summer come to an end.   we have been busy doing home projects (finally finished painting our living room) watching our small garden grow and trying to enjoy just being.  this summer has been probably one of my most favorites.  it has been relaxed, slower paced and just plain nice.  we have spent lots of time together just being with each other.

i'm excited that we are beginning to prepare for the new school year.  most of the school supplies have been bought, we will have meet your teacher night on thursday and charlie has transition day a week from monday.  i love love love this time of year.  to me, august represents a new year...having a clean slate and starting new.  did i tell you i loved this time of year?

we're off to celebrate the hubby's birtday.  plans are TBD.  enjoy these last fleeting moments of summer!!

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