Saturday, August 21, 2010

1st day pictures

guess what?  i survived...and reading the last post now i think to myself, 'wow..a little melodramatic there stevie' 

by the time the first day rolled around it was actually more exciting than sad.  i was a little sad still am, but so exciting that we are entering this stage.  both boys in school, together, going to the same place for at least a couple years. it's nice.

i think charlie is doing well.  i think the hardest part of kindergarten is you lose that daily interaction with the teacher to get a sense of what is going on and how your kiddo is doing.  all i know at this point is that charlie has been excited to get on the bus every morning this week and has been a happy camper when he gets home.

these pictures are actually transition day.

first day of school. 

mac is entering 5th grade and loves his class and likes his teacher.  he has talked non stop since wednesday about his classroom, the kids in his class and of course seeing charlie at school.  he is such a great big brother.  he's always looking out for char char.

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