Monday, April 12, 2010

St. Louis 1/2 marathon

it is truly race day that reminds me why i run.  the weekend was fantastic.  this was the first race that i actually travelled to.  the hotel and streets were full of racers and their families.  it was empowering to be surrounded by people as crazy as i am.

my official time was 2:05:50 and while i was hoping to break just under2 i'm still so proud of myself for finishing.  the weather was perfect but at about the 10 mile marker it was getting hot and some folks started getting in trouble and having issues that required medical attention, which started to mess with my head.  this might have been my favorite race thus far.

i got two things at the expo which i would highly recommend: this and this. 

it was awesome that my family finally got to see me and it was so uplifting for me when i saw them. 

such a great weekend...some photos

the largest race i've ran to date.  there were over 16,000 participants at the starting line

my cheering they look excited to be there.

cara my fearless running partner

after the run and a much needed shower we did a few sight seeing adventures

i have to admit i was more impressed by the arch than i thought i would was massive

tulips at cardinals stadium...the stadium was impressive

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