Sunday, February 28, 2010

weekend rewind

weekend was comprised of basketball, basketball, basektball and yes you guessed it more basketball.  mac had 4 tournament games and 1 league game.  his team won the tournament.  i love watching him play.  i love seeing his determination, his love of the game.  i love watching him clap/cheer/encourage his teammates and i love when he gives even himself a little clap.

edit:  i was just told that i don't have enough pictures of mac playing basektball, which is true.  i honestly don't really get to sit and watch mac play and second my indoor basketball shots really need some work.  however, here are a few not from this weekend but still some shots.

we've seen the sun 3 days in a row.  i think that's a record for this winter.

cara and i ran outside friday.  i just can't believe how different running outside is versus on the treadmill.  our long run this week was 9 miles and running outside was brutal.  i mean at one point i thought to myself, i'm going to quit.  is there anybody we can call to come pick us up?  we made it back to our cars though and luckily i wasn't too sore on saturday.

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