Wednesday, February 17, 2010

happenings and thoughts

valentines came and went.  i got a nice bracelet from the boys and lovely cards. 

we have had a couple of sick days this week.  charlie got pink eye saturday in the left eye which is now in the right eye.  so far i and everyone else has managed to avoid it.  yesterday afternoon we built an obstacle course.  i'm intirigued at the complexity of the games that charlie comes up with.  the rules are always complicated and there are usually too many to keep track of.

today is the first day of lent.  i have given up blog reading.  i love reading all the ideas that are out there in blog land, everything from home decor to running to diet.  but to be honest it often overwhelms me and makes me feel like a failure...wishing i was a better photographer, wishing that i had more skill in decorating, wishing i was better committed to eating right, wishing i was passionate about my relationship with Christ as i am my diet pepsi (inside joke) know the list goes on.  after a while of wishing i start to think what am i good at.  so for 40 days i will not read blogs.  i will update mine...this is kind of like my journal and heck no one reads it but i will not be reading blogs.

i made a sock monkey.  i think he might be so ugly he's cute.  i originally started to make him for a friend of mine who recently had a baby.  i'm kind of worried it might be choking hazard and charlie asked for him so i'm letting him keep it.  he hasn't been named yet, but gosh darn i really like him.

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