Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Perfect Day

School is just around the corner. Charlie's preschool is closed until Monday (which is the first day of the Fall Session and he will be in pre K....Oh My Gosh...where has it gone...time that is???) Mac starts 4th grade on Tuesday, so I took a couple days off to spend with the boys. We live in a subdivision in which we have a pool so I refuse to go to the city pool but once or twice a year. Charlie has been asking for weeks to go to the new pool. Our city built a new pool last year with a lazy river, a couple water slides, lap pool with diving board and a kiddie play area, which of course totally beat out our subdivision pool, which is well just a plain old pool. :)

It was a perfect afternoon. Charlie is so afraid of water which to be honest I'm kind of thankful for. Today though he became a little more adventorous...he went on the lazy river and did not freak when the water sprayed on him. He played in the kiddie area and again did not freak when he got water on his face. There were a couple kids from Mac's school that were there, which was great for him. He could hang out with them and do the diving board and big kid slides, and then check in with me every so often. Of course after a couple of hours in the warm August sun, we had to head to QT for a little refreshment and snack. AHHHH...I love perfect days...

No pictures from our day to day...I love my SLR but I don't always like tugging it around. I would really like to get a small digital camera that I could carry with me everywhere...hmmm maybe my birthday money???? But what is a post without some pics...



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