Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 - my one little word

I've been doing one little word for a couple years now.  If I recall correctly, I started in 2012 as I knew it would be a year faced with challenges as my Dad was fighting cancer.  I'm not one that really ponders or thinks too hard about what my word should be, it seems to pop up in my head or is just obvious for the current stage of life I'm in.  So I was not surprised when a few weeks ago, when I was thinking about what my word for 2015 should be, FEARLESS jumped out at me and I knew that this was my word.

FEARLESS:  without fear, bold or brave, intrepid

I want to grow this year and be fearless in doing so.

I want to be fearless in taking on challenges and not be afraid of the them.

I want this to be the year I stretch and make changes to what has become status quo.

I want to redefine failure to have a positive connotation vs negative.  Failure is not bad, why have I made it so that it is? I will work on changing the message in my head for it to mean you took a risk and this is what I learned vs the negative message that I usually give myself.

Do you choose a word for the year?

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