Friday, February 10, 2012


January always to be a month when I just don’t really have much to say. There is more internal reflection vs written sharing I guess. That doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy so here is a recap from January.

Basically our life on evenings and weekends has been basketball, basketball, basketball. Charlie had his very first basketball game and was a rock star. We put Charlie in upwards bound basketball and I really can’t say enough of this program. Not only is he learning the game of basketball, and being a member of a team, they touch on his spiritual side as well, with a small ‘reflection’ during practice and the games.



Mac has been playing basketball as well of course and baseball is starting. Truth be told January hasn’t been packed with basketball for him due to illness and the team opting out of playing a tournament one weekend so it was nice. Mac is joining a new baseball team this year and they had a their first baseball camp. Frank White was at the camp and Mac was totally impressed that he got to take a couple of pitches from Mr. White.


I started project life this year and so far I’m loving it. I love scrapbooking, I love the story it tells, I love that my boys enjoy looking at the scrapbooks that I have worked (please note haven’t finished). Losing Jay’s grandpa and realizing that there are so many stories that we’ve lost with his departure really triggered my spark again. I love the concept that I’m capturing not just big moments but everyday things.

Have you heard of Downton Abbey. I’m in love with this show. I love seeing the English culture, the culture of the wealthy vs the servants, pre war and war time history, love and loss. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s a full hour…there are no commercials to fast forward through.

This has been the craziest winter and I’m loving it. No snow, 60% of our days have been above average temps. I could get used to this.


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