Thursday, October 20, 2011

this week’s insights

i did good marrying the man i did, not only because he is awesome, but so is his family.  they are lovely, inspiring, game changing people.  love them

i just learned that a grande pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks has 7 weight watcher points..holy scheisse…

this summer i went meatless for most of my meals…to the point that i was thinking of becoming a vegetarian.  however, with the cooler weather, i’m craving roast, pork chops, vegetable beef soup, hmmm…maybe i’ll just try to be meatless most of the time

in addition to craving roast, homemade mac and cheese.  you know the real healthy kind that is a bunch of elbow macaroni and hunk of melted velveeta….yum

it’s not good to want that healthy mac and cheese when i haven’t been exercising

i woke up today and want to listen to christmas music so bad.  trying to hold off untill after halloween.  come november 1st, i think i will have it on all the time

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