Thursday, September 15, 2011

‘round here

so we are now down with 3 weeks of school.  we have settled into a pretty good routine.  i don’t really feel like there is much to say.  i downloaded my sd cards so i’ll let the pictures provide the updates.

charlie is playing soccer again this fall.  changes this year include a larger field and goalies.  charlie’s team is green and black which he likes and they chose bulldogs as their mascot.  i am loving this year of soccer so far.  charlie is aggressive and fast…it just feels like your really watching a game vs an itty bitty sport.


006 007 030 the boys have been playing a lot of football.  mac has mentioned playing next year which to be honest makes me nervous.  i suppose i will cross the bridge when a final decision needs to be made.


fall is coming.  my mums are getting ready to bloom.  all i want are big bowls of soup and warm, crusty buttery bread.

076 075

ku home opener.  man i love lawrence, i love being on the hill on game day.

085  090 082 084

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