Saturday, March 27, 2010

catching up

the month has been busy.  this is an attempt to catch up

i took a whirlwind trip to colorado to visit my uncle pat who is not doing well healthwise.   my dad went with me...we left saturday morning and got back monday afternoon.  it was a difficult trip but honestly it was nice to have a change of scenery.  it was so good to visit family and catch up or at least kind of catch up

the month has been filled with basketaball, basketball, basketball and more basketball

i've been doing very poorly on my lent goals.  i was doing really really good till about 2 weeks ago. not sure what happened

the jayhawks broke our heart...'nough

mac was selected as one of  3 fourth graders to attend the partners in education banquet.  very proud

date we got a real babysitter.  these are our date nights:   dinner, retail therapy/window shopping and visit to borders for coffee and uninterrupted browsing.  heaven

took my first knitting class.  learned the basic stitches.  i'm not sure that i will make anything but the process is very therapeutic/meditative

we planted some seeds and we are having so much fun watching them grow.  the first pallet are flowers (geraniums, impatients and coleus)  i bought some more seeds today that includes more flowers as well as vegetables.  so excited to see them grow.

ran 10k this morning.  to be honest it was miserable.  great course weather sucked.  running in rain is interesting.  there was a puddle in my shoes.

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