Saturday, September 5, 2009


Dear Facebook Friend:

This letter is to inform you that I have decided to de-friend you. While i still consider myself your friend, i can no longer take your political opinions.

Did you know that I voted for Obama? Yep, I did, and i would do it again. I would love to put a big fat Obama sticker on my car, but i don't really believe in putting signage on my car, that as well as being afraid my car might get egged in the church parking lot.

I will be the first to admit that I'm not politically savvy. Sure I do my civic duty and vote and try to educate myself on the candidates and their platforms, but it really hasn't been until this last election cycle that i really, truly investigated and researched and came to my conclusion about my vote. Before that, i pretty much voted Republican b/c of one issue, not because I necessarily support the platform. So basically what that means, is that i don't really support either party, i support the candidate. As a result, if i felt that Obama was whacked i would be OK with saying that, but to be honest I don't. Yet, i do want to hear both sides...maybe i should start a new party...the wish was hies. But man, when you post links to blogs that in my opinion are whacked, i think you have bad motives.

Why are we, this country, in such an uproar over the health care changes being discussed? Goodness we don't even have a bill...they are still putting a bill together. Is it worth people losing their fingers or getting in fights? At this point, i don't think so. Do you really want your president to fail? Really? Do you wish that on people...failure?? What would happen if we focused our negative energy on prayer, prayer for our country, prayer for our people, prayer for our president?

So goodbye my facebook friend, we'll see you later.

Your Obama Loving Friend,


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