Friday, May 29, 2009


Obviously I've been Missing in Action. Luckily nothing major has happened, I've just felt like I've been consumed with life and work. It's great to be consumed with life, not so much with work.

Summer is upon us. I love summer, I love the beginning of summer. It's like I can take a deep cleansing yoga like breath. Everything is lighter, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, our moods...heavenly.

I've been training for the Hospital Hill 1/2 marathon. The race is next Saturday and at this point I'm just ready to be done with it. I feel like training has gone pretty well, but i've been training since March. Just want to get it over with. I feel quite a bit different running in the heat and legs feel like they have weights on them, even when i'm doing short mileage. I'm just trying to remember that my goal is to finish...and that I will be proud of that. I can't wait for race day!

On the health front, nothing new to report. Every once and a while the boys will mention the miscarriage. Mac has said how much he would like to have another baby brother or sister. Charlie at the playground announced we were having a baby in a couple days. Then I said I don't think so Charlie. Well, we were gonna have a baby (Charlie says_. Maybe we'll have a baby in a couple weeks. It's almost too much... The feelings ebb and flow. Overall, i feel truly blessed and whatever God's plan, I will try my best to accept.

I reviewed my posts tonight...although not many, they did bring back some good memories and smiles. I've never been good at journal writing, but somehow hope I can stick to this.

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